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Во, френды в фейсбуке приглашают присоединиться к группе (это типа ЖЖ-сообществ) Jamaica crime plan? Let us have GUNS! Из group-info:

Jamaica -- a tiny third world anglophone Caribbean nation -- is besieged by criminals who have no reason to fear the unarmed and disarmed populace. Jamaica, at the time of creating this group, is among the top three murderous countries of the world currently at peace.

It is a misconception that countries with a high rate of gun ownership have high murder rates. It simply is not the case. The top 10 countries with high gun ownership rates have low murder rates.

Bringing crime, particularly murder, within acceptable levels in Jamaica is an enormous task that will require improvements in policing, the judiciary, civil service, education, among others. I intend in no way to posit that increasing gun ownership is a panacea.

We are, however, impeded by people who believe that Jamaican people are not responsible enough or mature enough to deal with firearms. The gun ownership figure is low in Jamaica and could be, at the time of writing, no higher than 4 guns per 100 persons.

The Firearm Licensing Authority that exists now is better than what existed before but it still does not mean that it is not a stumbling block preventing us from owning as many firearms as we can afford, as much ammunition as we need, as high a calibre as we desire, for simply the reason that we want firearms without having to justify ownership of the weapons.

Destroy your fear.
Make protection of your life your business.
The police are not omnipresent.
At some point your own safety must be your own concern too.
You are responsible and you can manage a firearm.
It is okay for a Christian to own guns.

Free men own guns.
Slaves do not.

Правильной дорогой идут карибские друзья. И проблемы у них те же, что и у нас.


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